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    • Automated CO2 Extraction Systems

    • Nutrient mixing/Blending Systems

    • Nutrient sensing systems

    • Recipe mixing/Blending systems

    • Heat exchange systems

    • Skid mount equipment

    • Pumping Packages

    • Compressor, Chiller, Heater Packages

    • Stainless Machines

    • Data Systems, Remote Monitoring, SCADA

    • MIS, Networks, KPI Systems

    • Wonderware, Citect, Indusoft

    • Historians, Dream Reports

    • Virtualization and thin clients

    • PLC upgrades

    • Standard & Custom Drive panels

    • Machine/Process Automation

    • Protection and Control panels

    • E-House wiring and piping

    • Servo and Robotic Panels

    • OEM Control Solutions

    • LED Lighting Systems

    • LED Light Linear Power Saving Controller

    • Grow LED Lights

    • Room Controls (Temp, Humidity, Lighting)


Cybernetics makes Automation, Custom Machines, Automated machines covering hydroponics, green energy, pharmaceutical, neutricutical and food industries in all major sectors.

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