Up-grader facilities, Anaerobic digestors, Bio-reactors, Hydroponics, nutrient recovery, heat exchangers, cooling towers, electric drive systems. Cybernetics has worked on a multitude of projects involving Bioenergy and related research.

Trust our solar experience, and an install base of cabin/off grid systems where we are also experts at remote cellular/satellite security and monitoring.

**We have our own R&D design windmill coming to market soon!

Vast experience in Food production, Bean sprouts, Legal Cannabis, Algae, and other hydroponics controls; Cybernetics can help. We even have our own Connexx2 controller specifically geared to many OEM hydroponics solutions.

Vast experience in the legal Cannabis, Essential, Brewery and Algae oil spaces, we provide equipment, products and technical services, designed and structured to address the complex needs and requirements of these markets in North America

Machines for CO2 extraction, Nutrient mixing/Batching, Odour Suppressant, Nutrient (Macro) Sensing and more.

From simple heat exchange to district heating/cooling systems we have diverse systems and equipment experience.

We have a proven track record of working on Ag-innovation implementation; from farm waste management to energy/Nutrient recovery systems.

Ambient, Water and Nutrient Sensing systems. We are also experts at remote cellular/satellite security and monitoring.

With a combined staff experience of over 30 years in these fields, we can upgrade and service most electro-hydralic planers, LVL systems, green/dry stackers, veneer tray systems, dryers, refeeders, resin systems, glue curtains and more…

Truly a core of Cybernetics; we can automate or supply turn key equipment for many or all aspects of production. From plant KPI and networks down to the machine level controls and heat transfer/RO systems we can (and have…) do it all.

Servo manufacturing machines, pick-and-place machines, custom manufacturing equipment (including vast stainless/food/brewery/BioTech experience).

Automated conveyors, skid packaging robots, pick and ship systems – we have helped automate and provided key equipment for all aspects of distribution. We even have some standard solutions for weigh checking packages to BOMS and for improved quality assurances via KPI.

Mixed experience with electric winches, OEM equipment supply, Concrete Saws, Concrete facility automation, aggregate reclaim facilities, chemical supply facilities, Veneer facilities, LVL etc.

New technologies can radically improve the efficiency of how a ship is operated. The future is about embracing these possibilities, developing products for safer and more efficient operations.

This is at the core of the product and system development in Cybernetic Control Systems Marine Division. With our effort on offering customizable systems that utilize digital possibilities, you can offer ship intelligence that make your business and operations smarter, safer and greener.

Prepare your ship with solutions utilizing digital opportunities.


We have a spacious shop and offices in Port Kells, along with a support shop in Kamloops B.C. We are fully equipped with:

  • (3) 3D Printers; coding, development, technical consulting.
  • 2d Cad and Electrical, Plumbing and P&ID CAD libraries.
  • Full Suite of 3D Design software environment – various software packages to choose from.
  • A wind-tunnel complete with wind speed senors and camera systems.
  • Electronics equipment (Scopes, Generators, Analyzers).
  • Shop prototyping Sensor System (Pressures, Temperatures etc).
  • Electronics repair area, complete with many Micro-controllers and sensors.
  • Small Paint Booth.
  • Drive System Test Jigs.
  • Test/Practice Servo Robot arm.
  • Lighting Spectrum Analyzer system.

Cybernetics is fully dedicated to R&D, including our new Windmill designs, our LED, Solar and sensor systems.

“Researching today for a better tomorrow ” – Shane Lander – Founder


Cybernetics makes Automation, Custom Machines, Automated machines covering hydroponics, green energy, pharmaceutical, neutricutical and food industries in all major sectors.